Tracking Club of Central Florida

The Design Process

Existing website

A members site to promote the AKC sport of tracking. The existing site was outdated and had too many pages with not a lot of content. Condensing and organizing the pages made the site easier for the users to navigate to the information.

tracking club old home page


The site primary objective is a resource for club members on dates and times of tracking events and tests. They do not offer classes but have seminars, fun days, certification days, and most importantly host tests for each tracking level.

The secondary objective is a place for the members to “show off” their dogs, and their accomplishments in the sport. Photos of individuals tracking and newsletters that can be downloaded that feature members “brags”.

Tracking club Persona
Tracking Club Persona 2


wireframes of tracking website on phone

Prototype and wireframe website

General membership is older — adults 35 and up. Audience is both female and male but more woman than men. The club is a tight community of individuals and most are highly active in the club as well as other dog clubs and dog sports.

tracking website on monitor, phone and tablet
Dog Tracking logo

Dog Tracking Logo

A project to create a logo for event signage

Crosstracks eNewsletter

eNewsletter distributed to members featuring the test schedules and an opportunity for members to submit stories about their dogs tracking achievements.

Crosstracks eNewsletter