Makoto Dressings and Restaurants

Makoto is a well-established Japanese steakhouse, sushi bar as well as a nationally sold brand of salad dressings and dips.

The task was to create a cohesive look that tied these together.

Makoto dressings was rapidly expanding and needed to refresh the existing labels, establish a consistent look for new varieties as well as new packaging for the expanded line of dips.

Makoto Dressings can be found in the refrigerated produce section of fine grocers nationwide.

Makoto brand line of dips
Makoto Brand Dip outer packaging
Makoto Brand Dressings

Tradeshow display for dressing line

Makoto dressings tradeshow display

Makoto Menus

Created several menus for Makoto Japanese Steakhouse including:

Makoto Hat layout flat

A children's menu that was especially fun!

One side was a menu and a page for the children to color while they waited for their meal. The other side, when folded, became a chef’s hat!

Main Dining Room Menu

Makoto Steakhouse is located in Melbourne, Florida

Makoto Restaurant Menu

Sushi Bar Menu

Makoto Sushi Menu

Ad promoting the grand opening of the Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar at Makoto grand opening ad